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Nov 23, 2007 at 02:56 PM

Release startegy for PO


Dear friends,

Our client has Release startegy for Doc NB.

Requirement to create new Doc type ZCO for some other purpose with the same release startegy similar to NB type.

I have maitained the doc type in CT04, added the ZCO.

In ECC6,OMGS tranaction is not existing.

In IMG, Under release strategy for Purchase order,for release startegy of NB,concern release strategy, GA,GB,GC for the value different ranges,each release startegy,under classification ZCO doc type is displayed, I have ticked the check box under each release strategy GA,GB,GC for ZCO

Transport request is generated when i save this.

When i transported this request from Golden config to Dev client(Same box)Whatever i made ticks to ZCO under classification in respective release startegy is not come in 300client.

What shall be done.

Whether For activation of Doc type under classification button under release strategy will be done in each client including production including CT04

Please suggest.