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Oct 10, 2017 at 05:00 PM

Idoc from F111 payment run not generated


Dear experts,

I have a problem with creating an Idoc from F111 payment run. The idea is to have a payment method using the standard report RFFOEDI1 that can be used for sending Idocs from payment requests that are generated from Treasury transactions. Now I have done following steps:

1. Paym meth is setup for RFFOEDI1 on country Level

2. House bank has EDI profil, also the payment method is EDI compatible on the house bank level.

3. ALE Distribution activated in F8BG for payment requests

4. Payment method is ALE compatible in F8BK

The problem I have is that the indicator REGUH-EDIBN is blank after I run both payment proposal and payment run in F111. If I change the status RFFOEDI2 the Idoc gets generated. Also note that there are already EDI payment methods for FI-AP that are working with same bank.

Does anybody know what I am missing?

Many thanks for any inputs.