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Can I set up different areas in the system for inventory all in one SLoc?

Oct 11, 2017 at 11:55 AM


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I have a simple warehouse set up in SAP, no WM. All inventory is in one SLoc. Is there any way in SAP where I can have certain storage sections or "bins" so I can divide up the inventory a little bit. Note: I have no access to material master (this is all done centrally). Any help would be great...thanks!

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Jürgen L
Oct 11, 2017 at 01:08 PM

WM is the SAP designed way to structure a storage location into a more detailed level.

without WM you can just get a more detailed structure with different storage location that represent just parts of a location.

there is a field "bin location" in the material master, this is free text and displayed in MMBE and can be used in physical inventory (MI31). Here you basically assign a fixed bin to a material, which means 1 material can only have 1 bin per location and cannot be in 2 places within 1 location. If you define this bin in a more rough structure than a bin e.g. you divide 1 storage location into 10 sections, then you could maintain this field in the material master (or tell your central team to enter it since you have to authority) and you could store this material anywhere in this section, even 2 pieces apart from each other as long it is still in that section.

you cannot move stocks between such bin locations, if you want to store the material in another bin location then you would need to change the material master.

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Thank you for your response, Jurgen. I may have to make a case to present to the Material Master team as it seems impossible to achieve without being able to access the bin location field. This is something I've used in a previous role, but was just wondering whether there was another way without having to touch MM.


there is a transaction MMSC where this bin location field can be maintained too, maybe it is allowed to you, so you would need to touch the material master as whole.