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Nov 23, 2007 at 05:35 AM

Link scheduling of two dependent material



Please give solution for the below mentioned scenario.

There are 2 materials X,Y which are dependent on each other in scheduling for example shaft(X) is to machined based on the bore(Y) size.

Production order is created for both the materials X and Y.

Operation sequence for the bore(Y) is as follows:

10 Cutting

20 Turing

30 Boring

40 Milling

50 Drilling

Operation sequence for the Shaft(X) is as follows:

10 Cutting

20 Turning

30 drilling

40 milling

My requirement is in the production order, scheduling should be done for operation 20(Turning) of shaft(X) after finish date of Operation 30(Boring) of bore(Y) i.e If Operation 20(Turning) of shaft(X) is scheduled on 12-11-2007, then Operation 30(boring) of bore(Y) is finished before 12-11.2007. Is there any possibility to link the operation wise scheduling of two production orders.


1.Both the materials have different BOM.

2.Both have different work center.

3.Both materials are assembled in later stages