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Nov 22, 2007 at 07:59 PM

BED Value not defaulted in GR


Hi all,WRT previous messages i did all necessary cust. steps.

But one WARNING is still coming during GR.


I want to calculate BED as 16% and AED AS 4 %. But GR is not defaulting any BED value , tried a lot solve issue but couldnt.

Please guide me.

I have maintained following details as follows:

A) In J1ID

1. Chapter ID

2. MATERIAL- Chapter ID combination

3 Cenvat Determination : I have mentioned only input material please tell me whether output material is mandetory?, "X" not maintained, int date : not maintained

4.Vendor Excise Details : Have maintained all details with " Excise Indicator :" 1", SSI status not maintained, "CENVAT" is not checked.

5.Excise Indiactor for plant: Maintained all data with Excise Indicator as "1"

6.Excise indicator for Plant and Vendor : Maintained 1,2,3 . Please guide whther all 3 entries are mandetory?

7.In excise tax rates : Excise indicator is "1"., In Excise Rate : 16, and have not maintained any other entries in fileds including excise duty rates.

I have not maintained further J1ID details like cess rates, exceptional rates, SSI rates, quantilty based AED etc.

B.) I am using Taxinn procedure. In FV11 i have maintained JMOP AS 16%, for material , plant, vendor combination. Please guide me which different field in FV11 i should maintain.Should i mention tax code there??

C.) In excise tax defaults in A/P BED : JMOP , in A/P AED : JAOP NO other entries i have maintained.

Though posting the message in detail, still want some good suggestions from SAPGURUS.

Thanks and regards,


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