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Nov 22, 2007 at 06:50 PM

Table relations and lookup problem


Hi there,

currently I am working on an MDMSRM project, and we came up with the following problem:

Suppliers use eClass and the company internally uses their own product groups. Every product group can have n eClasses linked to. Now I need to have the product groups shown upon import of new data in the main table.

So far I came up with the following: eClasses are mapped to product groups manually (that step has to be done anyway manually). Between those tables exists a parent (product groups) - child (eClass) relationship. Now I wrote an assignment, which writes the corresponding product group according to the eClass relation into the main table. The same would work as well with a calculated field.

However I do not consider that as very elegant since every time we change the product groups, we have to run the assignment (or recalculate) again. Furthermore the data from the product groups are already in the lookup table and should not be written into the main table.

As I tried, I cannot set a value in a lookup field with an assignment. Is that correct?

Anyone any ideas? We are using the latest version of MDM with the latest patch.

Thank you all in advance