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Nov 22, 2007 at 01:52 PM

Spool without Values displaying when schedulling a report in Background


Hi Friends,

Im schedulling a report in background and the job was succesfully generated with a spool request,but it was noticed dat the spool had no data in it..while runnung the same report in foreground values are diplaying.Im using Field catalog in the z report and iv checked all the options suggested in the prior links provided in sdn,but still the problem is pertainig

And it is also noticed that only dis report is not working in background while all other Z reports using the same field catalog Fm is working fine...

What could be the problem??wen i deguged the code in background the FM is triggering and there is no question as to Reuse alv grid display fm does not work in background..please Help...

Thanks in Advance.

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