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Nov 22, 2007 at 12:39 PM

Graphical mapping: if-then-else problem



I'm having a problem with the conditional graphical mapping.

Here's a part of my source schema:


E1EDP01 (1..n)

E1EDC01 (0..n)


Here's a part of the target schema:


POLINEX (1..n)


Goal of the mapping:

If the E1EDP01 element has no E1EDC01 subelements, target element POLINEX is created once.

If the E1EDP01 element has 1 or more E1EDC01 subelements, the target element POLINEX is created as many times as there are E1EDC01 subelements for that E1EDP01 element.

So for example:




would have to result in 4 POLINEX elements in the target message.

I tried the following mapping:


E1EDP01 -- exists --\u00A0 then

___ AND __ if >----








/ else

E1EDC01 -- exists --/


If this is not readable, you can find a screenshot of the mapping

<a href="">here</a>


When I map my source example, I only get 3

POLINEX elements in the target.

Any idea what I do wrong or if there's a better graphical mapping that can be used for this ?

Thanks in advance !