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Nov 22, 2007 at 09:40 AM

xi freezes under load


Hi all,

We have a troublesome situation on our hands in our XI test system.

We have a synchronic flow that works in the following manner:

Site calls XI using a webservice.

XI start a bpm and gets information using IDMS and a RFC call to another sap system

XI replies back to the site.

Somehow if we fire 10 - 30 parallel messages to XI it totally freezes up.

In SXMB_MONI we see the messages coming in but the status stays at "Log Version" and then the complete system freezes. Only way to get it working again is by a full restart (stopsap, startsap).

In the logs we see that the gateway stops working. And we get some error messages about a desolation row being full.

Here are the exact messages:

21.11.2007 10:58:04.528 ERROR Connection pool XIAlerting:DesolationRow: is exhausted. The current pool size limit (max connections) is 5 connections.

21.11.2007 10:58:04.776 ERROR JCoClient connection missingHost:sap_XIU_00|AdapterType:Mail|Sender:null:null|Receiver:null:null|Interface:null:null|MsgID:

Does anyone know what is happening here? Or does anyone have any idea why XI would totally freeze up under some load?