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Sales order wise changing BOM issue

Oct 09, 2017 at 09:57 AM


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Dear All,

We face the following problem in how to map the following issue.

Our client manufacture Garments of various sizes and colors and further various combinations so obviously its MTO. But in that combination if color changes then the FG gets changed irrespective of whatever size it maybe. I told client BOM is a master data and you'll create it one time predefined. So the respective BOM will be automatically fetched during your sales order creation.

So when telling about their current scenario and current software , what client say is they doesn't know in what color or specifications they'll get order (like which color or even if same color then which button,zip model etc.) only while getting order customer will specify which color,what model button,zip etc. But currently they have a basic template bom and change that bom according to client requirement whether black or blue whatever color or components it maybe. I thought of going with super bom and variant config,but even then they say how can we pre define what colors or components might be required. Only customer will instruct us in order they say.

So,finally they expect a order wise specific BOM which can be changed as per their requirement.

Thanks in advance....

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2 Answers

K V Kumar Oct 11, 2017 at 09:49 AM


Please use the sales order BOM functionality. Below is the flow.

1. Create sales order - VA01

2. Create BOM for the sales order with usage 1 (production) and enter the components provided by the client for that sales order. - CS61

3. Run MRP. - MD01/MD02

4. Convert the planned order to Production order. During this stage all the components in the sales order will get copied to production order.

5. Ensure normal BOM for production order is created as empty - CS01

Hope this helps.



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Hello Kumar,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have some following questions,please address it :

1) Say sales order no is 001 and using this i create a bom for FG A red color,so obviously next sales order no is 002,so in such case this same BOM cant be used for order 002? So again for order no 002 he needs to create bom for FG A white color?

2) Once this sales order is created and bom is created against it, then later am not gonna use this sales order again once delivery is done, so whats the purpose behind creating bom against it? will the BOM remain unused?

3) I just googled what is CS61,I referred a link where they say create a normal BOM with usage 1 production,then create in cs61 for sales order line item wise,so this bom will be picked up in mrp run. So what is the purpose behind creating CS01 BOM,is there any link behind this scenario? And you told create BOM with usage Empties,what will happen if i create so?

Thanks in advance..

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Hello Jeffrey,

In your scenario, there is no need to use CS01 (Material BOM).

You can go ahead with sales BOM (CS61) scenario to full fill your requirement.

Senario: Sale Order creation>>Sales BOM>>Sales Order Costing>>MRP>>Planned order to Production Order Conversion>>Production order SFC cycle.

Thanks and Regards,



Hello Sandeep,

Thanks a lot for your words. I have some doubts in it,please clarify it. So every time when a sales order come they need to create a BOM,then maintain production version linking that BOM and routing? after creating this sales BOM where will it reflect in sales order,can i see that BOM in sales order anywhere? And further then the BOM which was created for that sales order wont be used again?

Currently i got an idea of going with variant BOM by creating a super BOM, so when creating sales order and press enter after entering the FG Line item, they will see all BOM components created in CS01, let them choose the relevant components from BOM whichever they want. Any further suggestions is also welcomed.


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Former Member Oct 13, 2017 at 05:30 PM

Jeffrey, you can explore options available in industry specific solution for AFS industry.

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Hello Dheeraj,

Thanks for your words. Yeah i know it, but our management had already decided to go with SAP PP S4HANA and now we have configured everything and in realization phase exit and we have go-live in next month. So in this tight situation its not practically possible to explore options related to AFS. But yeah it can be useful for upcoming projects like this.