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Batch management

Oct 09, 2017 at 12:10 PM


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I have a situation in my company. 1. Theare are tools which go for resharpening every day to CNC in my company from customer -1. For eg. Ø12.7 tool with SAP number (eg:00001). 2. next step is that above tool will be in some process for eg: coating. 3. same customer-1 will give one more set of tools with same dia Ø12.7( other details are same as theses are sent in batches for our company). 4. At present tool- Ø12.7 tool with SAP number (eg:00001) is in COATING process. Second set received is in CNC. 5.Problem arises when i try to send second set of tools for coating. I will get an error saying toll number 00001 is already in coating. How do i manage this? IN way logically both are different tools in different process...Please help ASAP

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If you want help and have trouble with an error message then it would be good to post the exact error message along with its message number.

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