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SAP HANA XSA Web IDE: --Run js-modul: Staging of app "user-ksalfii10df7l4hx-name-js" failed


please, I need urgent help. I've never had this issue before, but this time I'm not able to get my js-modul to run. I can build it successfully, but it fails if I try to start it. (I'm not aware that I changed it in the last days and it worked before.)

This is all what I could find by the logs.

Failed to stage droplet with id 6 of app 'user-ksalfii10df7l4hx-name-js' [Org 'orgname', Space 'DEV'] created by buildpack 'https://xxxxx/git-server/2f/66/af/SYSTEM/nodejsappcontroller-buildpack-project'.

I do have the same behavior if I try to restage it by CLI command.

Any ideas?

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  • di-builder log:

    Connected, dumping recent logs for app "di-builder" 08.10.17 18:34:23.000 [APP/13-0] ACC IP - - [08/Oct/2017:18:34:23 +0 200] "GET /internal/builder/status/ui5-builder/590 HTTP/1.1" 401 89 08.10.17 18:34:23.229 [APP/13-0] ERR #2.0#2017 10 08 18:34:23.228#+02:00#ERRO 08.10.17 18:34:23.229 [APP/13-0] ERR ###862D2DB57AF04B48BBAECD873A79DAAC##di- AIN## 08.10.17 18:34:23.229 [APP/13-0] ERR Unrecognized token type. Returning null#

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    Oct 09, 2017 at 11:45 AM

    I could solve it by restarting the hana db!

    Found this old link:

    Tried before this: xs d User-epcgmz93v25d0xxw-name-js" But it didn't fixed the problem.

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