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Oct 14, 2016 at 05:15 AM



Hi All,

Would like to know your opinions on different data provisioning options to HANA enterprise.

It would be great if you could answer these questions individually.

1. For real-time replication from SAP ECC systems, as of today would SDI have the ability to replace SLT?

2. SDI and SDQ which I assume comes under SAP EIM would require separate licensing whereas SLT license is already included within the enterprise HANA licensing. Is this true?

3. Can Smart data Access be used without SDI and SDQ? If I want to use it just as a data provisioning method without having any transformations to it. Similar to what SLT does.. just with virtual tables instead. In this case, would the customer need SDA just for the data provisioning?

4. Can SDI and SDQ (EIM) replace SLT/BODS today or in the near term future? I know it's part of the future roadmap but would you propose this as a solution instead of SLT for an ECC real-time replication need?

5. BODS vs SLT . My personal experience says SLT should be the preferred data provisioning solution at least for the SAP source systems when compared to BODS. Has anyone switched to BODS in such a need instead? If yes, why?

I would request replies assuming these solutions were to be given to a client for the near term future. I know future road maps promise a lot but not each component is mature yet to be proposed everywhere.

Waiting for answers and a healthy discussion.