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Nov 21, 2007 at 12:53 PM

2 windows within 1 loop (Smartform)


Hi -

I am passing a table from my print program to the smartform and want 1 Main window and a Secondary window at the bottom of the page. I want the Secondary window to have a static height and want to loop on my table feeding the fields into both windows - is this possible? Thanks,


Addendum : Maybe I can explain it better...

I'm printing on a sheet where the address must be on the bottom of the page. I'm passing 2 tables thru the smartform function. 1 - all employees, 2 - all dependents of each employee. The number of dependents are obviously dynamic depending on the employee. On each page, I need the header, information on the employee followed by the dependents and at the bottom, the address with the employee's mailing address (passed thru the 1st table). I need to loop on the dependent table nested within a loop on the employee table while still printing the employee address at the bottom (based on the employee table loop). Is this possible?

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