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Former Member
Nov 21, 2007 at 11:38 AM

inner join



iam sending the code

select cwaers cbsart c~ekgrp

clifnr cinco1 c~inco2

cbedat dmatnr d~txz01

dmenge dmeins d~matkl

dnetwr dwerks e~eindt

e~wemng into corresponding

fields of table it_oeee

from ( ( ekko as c innerjoin

ekpo as d on cebeln = debeln )

inner join eket as e on debeln = eebeln and

debelp = cebelp ) for all entries in it_oexp

where c~ebeln = it_oexp-ebeln and

d~ebelp = it_oexp-ebelp and

c~bsart in s_bsart and

c~ekgrp in s_buycde and

c~lifnr in s_vendor and

c~inco1 in s_inco1 and

c~bedat in s_bedat and

d~werks in s_werks and

d~matnr in s_matnr and

d~matkl in s_matkl and

e~eindt in s_eindt.

the above inner join showing error "(" has no closing ")".

please help me out regarding this

thanks in advance