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[Bug] Not able to create Hyperlink to SAP-Wiki Article ...

I've seen (recent) examples (and possibly have done this as well) whereby i want to include a Wiki-Page as a Link ...

Scenario :

I want to Include a Hyperlink to Wiki-Page "" but not as an 'ugly' complete URL, but rather renaming it (say 'link'), but for some reason or another, the URL is not accepted as Valid ???

Screenshot :

I do believe this was possible before (until some days ago)? Maybe because the Wiki's refer to a READ-ONLY mode or something?

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  • Thank you for the workaround, I will keep this in mind ...

    So either via your Ticket and / or my Submission via the e-mail Form, this issue will be Resolved.

    Thanks again

    Kind regards

    Nic T.

  • Just to clarify the process for reporting a bug:

    keep in mind that bugs reported in the discussions are not monitored by the support team.

    The correct process for reporting a bug is described here:

    So after you've sent an email to SAP Community support team (

    with a clear description of the issue

    and after the support team have reproduced the behavior, an internal ticket was opened for our developers.

    btw, you may reach back to the support at any time to inquire the status of the ticket (in this case SOC-5878)

  • OK, that seems to be the same suggestion as Veselina formulated which I followed by using the e-mail form.

    Thanks again.

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    Oct 10, 2017 at 09:54 AM

    It won't make you feel better, but I had similar problems a few days ago with links to SAP notes, which probably suggests that it has very little to do with read-only content.

    Just to make sure, I tried adding a link to the wiki, which is not in a read-only section and I ended up with the same message.

    By trial and error I found that the validation fails when you have '+' in the URL (with sap notes it must have been '#').

    Until this is fixed, maybe you can use a URL shortener (this link passes validation ) and hope that it will be resolved soon.

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