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Oct 10, 2017 at 09:24 AM

Data Values for one specific Intercompany Elimination Rule are Tripling?

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We have a YTD Consolidation model in BPC on Microsoft DB. When executing the consolidation Data Manager Package, we run it for 1 month at a time sequentially for the particular quarter in question. For example in Q1, we execute the package for Jan, Feb, Mar separately but in order.

We are experiencing an error for only one specific Intercompany Elimination rule, of which I have highlighted the configuration in the image attached.

Config in Row 3 above, corresponds to the results highlighted in the top 2 rows below. All working as expected.

Config in Row 2 above, corresponds to the results in the bottom 2 lines below. Not working as expected. As you can see the amount posted to the ICELIM0037 (offset Account) increases in size, directly proportionally with the number of times that the consolidation package is executed. The value for March is $2.4M, three times the original amount in the Acc 30311of $800K.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated to try and eliminate this.


-Billy Haworth