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Nov 21, 2007 at 09:15 AM

BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT confirmation issues


Hi Experts,

I need some advice about prod. ord. confirmation using bapi BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT in SAP R/3 7.00.

This works fine 99'9% of time, but sometimes I get OK from the bapi but still remaining errors in CO1P, wich prevents furter operation in this order (I need to settle the order trough batch input in KO88 and cancel notification through BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CANCEL in case KO88 fails)

I've tried all combinations of parameter POST_WRONG_ENTRIES with same results, BAPI always returns OK but confirmation still incomplete and order blocked for further processing until somebody resolves CO1P/COGI manually.

The error in CO1P usually has a "Backflush" message.

Is there any way to force a bapi failure in case something goes wrong in confirmation, avoiding CO1P/COGI? Or is it posible to catch an process such errors before KO88 or BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CANCEL?

I've searched forum and wiki and nobody seems to have trouble with this issue (maybe there's an OSS note wich solves it)

thanks and regards,

F. Blay