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Nov 20, 2007 at 11:33 PM

Can't install Java ADD-IN for NTW04s


We are installing the Java Add-in for an existent SAP BI (stack13) environment.

The installation fails because during the deploy of the EPBC09_2.SCA we recive this error:

"Error: An error occured while storing the cluster instances.

Error: There is no control instance running in the cluster returned by MessageServer [MS host: myhost ; MS port: 3901].

The instances are:

Name:JM_T1195569190860_1_myhost Host:myhost State:5

Please check if there are running cluster instances "

So the J2EE was down at that time.

But if we try to star it the MMC snap-in remains yellow and into the dev_disp we see the J2EE goes tfrom STARTING to SHUTDOWN .

No other logs (std_server.out, std_dispatcher.out, dev_jcontrol*,....) are present into the DVEBMGS00\work directory, so it's not very clear what's the error.

The platform in use is IA64, Win 2003. The JSDK installed is the 1.4.2_16 for IA64.

Any idea ?