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Nov 20, 2007 at 11:08 PM

Performance Appraisals-Part Appraisal does not work



We have setup an appraisal document with Part Appraisal as part of the process. When the appraisal starts a document, selects a part appraiser, fills in the appraisal form and selects "Send to Manager for Approval" the document is set to "<b>In Process - Part Appraisal in Process</b>" status.

Upon logging in as the higher level manager, the document is available on the portal. The issue is that after selecting the document, only the category groups and the categories show up on the form. All the fields that were entered by the manager don;t show up. Also the "Part Appraisal" column is blank. There are no fields available to make an entry.

The column access for the template has the value "Change" for the column "Part Appraisal" and "Part Appraisal Owner" and field "Person Authorized" has the value "All Users" under the tab "Status Flow".

What are we missing for the part appraisal section to work? Please advice.