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BPC 10.1 Standard : copy comments from previous month

Oct 09, 2017 at 12:07 PM


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Is it possible to customise the COPYCOMMENTS package so that the user only selects the target period and BPC automatically selects the prior period as the source? I have customised the package so that only the category (source and target are the same) and time (source and target are different) need to be selected which is e good start. But ideally I would like the user to only select the target period.

I have found this blog which has helped me but has not been able to provide an answer to my specific question.



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2 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Oct 09, 2017 at 01:00 PM

No, it’s impossible to use any time operators in the dm advanced script. You are not able to generate prev month id. You can try to program some badi based on ujd_test_package and generate prev month id inside badi.

P.S. You can also use VBA code to pass parameters to DM package - please read my blog:

VBA can calculate previous month :)

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Lucas Costa Oct 09, 2017 at 07:49 PM

Hey Arnold,

Unfortunately the only way is via ABAP. You can either create a custom logic process as described above, or create a custom process type based on BPCCOMS - Delete Comments (It's also used for copy comments). This new process type would refer to a custom class copy of

CL_UJD_BPC_CLEAR_COMMENTS, where you'd change the source selection - Simply copy that class and change the method RUN.



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I prefer not to change standard code of copy comments (may conflict with some future SP). With UJD_TEST_PACKAGE you simply create an answer prompt with required time id's.


Who mention change standard code?


You: "custom class copy of CL_UJD_BPC_CLEAR_COMMENTS"

If in the next SP the code of CL_UJD_BPC_CLEAR_COMMENTS will be changed then you will have issues!


Still trying to find where I said to change standard code.... Anyway... Why would you have issues with Z class?


Because the class CL_UJD_BPC_CLEAR_COMMENTS can be changed with some SP!

And old Z copy will have a different code compared to current CL_UJD_BPC_CLEAR_COMMENTS.

To my mind the approach with code based on UJD_TEST_PACKAGE is more safe - only parameters setting.


If the Z solution still works after upgrade it doesn't matter if the standard class changes... Last time this class was changed was over an year ago, for parallel process.

Every upgrade can have impact in a number of things, standard or custom, if you base your solutions entirely based on the possibility of SAP changing something in a class that you don't even directly use you might as well just use standard. Just do what needs to be done and assess the impacts before upgrade.

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You said that you never copy standard and then recommended a code based on standard...

And following your logic, the alternative based on VBA may not work in case of upgrades in the add-in or in the back end process.. :D