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Nov 20, 2007 at 02:10 PM

modify bapi wrapper is called even when data not modified in mobile device



I have created 2 sync bos- ZOR_TRIP & ZOR_POINT.

ZOR_POINT is referencing ZOR_TRIP,

and both of them have modify bapi wrapper.

now the problem is, whenever on the mobile device

user is synchronizing, modify bapi wrapper for both

the sync bos are called even if user hasn't made

any changes.

moreover, out of many instances of ZOR_POINT

on the mobile device, if user is modifying one or more

instance and synchronize with the server,

then from the next synchronization onward

the modify bapi wrapper is not called for these instances

but for the remaining instances

modify bapi wrapper is called even if they are not modified

on the mobile device.

i was thinking that only the delta data is exchanged between

the mi server and mobile device but here, even unmodified data

are also transfered.

how to solve this unnecessary exchange of unmodified data?

also I want to know under what conditions modify bapi wrapper is called.

thanks & regards

vivek goenka