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Former Member
Nov 20, 2007 at 09:44 AM

Connection to SAP oracle database from external utlities


We want execute reports with external tools to link together data from several sources.

Besides lotus notes, penta, loga and other sources we have to use some tables from the SAP database.

(for example the table CSKS)

A simple way to access the data in the oracle database of the SAP system could be:

- Create an new user in the database with low permissions.

- Grant select access for this user to the relevant SAP tables.

- Create some views under this user for the access from external tools.

But this leads us to the following questions:

- Is this way acceptable from a technical point of view?

- Are there any problems with SAP licenses?

- Are there any problems with the support of the SAP systems?

- What are the alternatives?

It would be nice, if somebody can answer this questions.