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Nov 19, 2007 at 09:23 PM

Performance Appraisals- Status Flow logic not working



We have the following process flow for our appraisal process.

Manager (appraiser) initiates and writes the objectives - sends to higher manager for approval (part appraiser) -he has two choices 1- to reject and send back to the manager OR 2- approve it to HR for Review . HR (Administrator authorization) has two options 1- to reject and send back to the manager (appraiser) OR 2- Complete the process. This is how we have defined the status flow for the template:

Outbound Status____Pushbutton Text__________Target Status

1. In Preparation_______Define Objectives______________In Planning

2. In Preparation_______End Preparation_______________In Planning

3. In Planning__________Send to Manager for Approval___In Review

4. In Review___________Reject to Manager____________ In Planning

5. In Review___________Send for HR Approval__________In Process

6. In Process__________Reject to Manager____________In Planning (issue)

7. In Process__________Completed__________________In Complete

All the push buttons have been defined in OOHAP_BASIC and the also included in the template.

Is there an issue with the status flow AND/OR identification of appraiser, appraisee or part appraiser? In particular, the system is not allowing the step 6 suggesting that Status cannot be moved from In Process to In Planning.

Please advice. Your timely help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.