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Oct 14, 2016 at 08:46 AM

Hiding a row from infochart tooltip

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Hi experts,

I followed the following blog - where it shows how to change colors/background for a chart's hover tooltip box. I was able to get the code working in my solution, so it works.

however, my ask is - what if i wanted to hide a row within the tool tip.

reason being - we have an info chart that shows data by month. but months are ordered in alphabetical order, so we added a new dimension of month number, and added it to the rows for the data source and set the visibility for the month number to be no display so they don't show on the axis.

however, if we hover over a bar, the tooltip shows the month number. I can't seem to get a row path using chrome's inspect element feature. any ideas? thanks!

edit: i would rather not delete this, in case it helps others. i was able to hide them by adjusting the linked code to be more like how crosstabs behaviour is done via -

i.e. i added a CSS style my infochart, and since i had two of 3 rows to hide, i set the CSS code to be -

.execChart .v-m-tooltip table.v-tooltip-dimension-measure tr:nth-child(1) td {display: none;} .execChart .v-m-tooltip table.v-tooltip-dimension-measure tr:nth-child(2) td {display: none;}

where execChart is the css style on the infochart properties. that did it. code from first link (thread/3720212) i tried initially was -

.execChart .v-m-tooltip table.v-tooltip-dimension-measure tr:nth-child(1) {display: none;}

.execChart .v-m-tooltip table.v-tooltip-dimension-measure tr:nth-child(2) {display: none;}