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Consolidation Groups Quiestion BPC

Oct 09, 2017 at 06:15 PM


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Hello Experts,

I have a question regarding the Consolidation Groups.

In the project I am doing, my customer wants 3 Consolidation Groups, 1 for the official reporting (for IFRS) and 2 to perform kind of scenarios there are Companies that are not officially by IFRS part of the group but they consolidated as well as part of the grop for some analysis.

I sove it the next way, but not sure if it will work it might but im not Possitive.

3 Hier in company Dimension for the COI.

H1 Parent of E_CG1 IFRS

H2 Parent of E_CG2 Free

H3 Parent of E_CG3 Free

We have 10 companies so they will be in E_ConsGroups,

Group 1 -> Companies 1 to 7 -> IFRS

Group 2 -> Comanies 5 to 10 -> Scenario what if 1

Group 3 -> all companies. -> Scenario what if 2

This will be assigning to each company the Entity_Consolidation Group in different Hier.

as mentioned above H1, H2 and H3.

In the Consolidation Groups I have

G_CG1 related to E_CG1, G_CG2 related to E_CG2 and G_CG3 related to E_CG3. So I guess even if the CC are repeated at the time of performing O-Elim, APAR-Elim and US-Elim, Everything will work according the Consolidation groups elmimiations and reporting in the corresponding group.

Thanks for the comments.

Best Regards

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1 Answer

Lucas Costa Oct 09, 2017 at 07:13 PM

Yes it will work, but this solution does not a offer the same flexibility normal elimination and adjustments will.

For instance, the consolidation hierarchy is time/version depending which will give you a great range of possibilities around consolidation.

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Hello Luca,

Thank you very much for you answer, I just wanted to be sure that it would work, because the other solution I was thinking of was 3 different Consolidation Model, but that would mean 3 times the same information coming form ECC.

Thanks again for your commment on the post,

Best Regards.


No problem.

If you proceed with the US Elim, just make sure you have one Elimination Entity per group. Otherwise will distort your numbers.