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Why do I have to explicitly mark notifications I have read?

In SCN communications tab a followed activity would be automatically marked as read, once I click the next communication in my stream.

Can we do the same for notifications please? instead of having to mark each notification as read.

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4 Answers

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    Jan 25, 2017 at 07:06 PM

    As reported in the January 19 release notes ( and highlights (, notifications are now marked as read automatically when clicked.

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    • Ever see the movie Groundhog Day? Bill Murray (not to be confused with our community Bill M) relives the same day over and over and over and over again until he gets it right, waking up at 06:00 to an alarm clock playing Sonny and Cher's 'I got you babe'. I saw the fresh content here talking about the left/click right/click issue and then upon further scrolling and scrolling came to realize this thread started all the way back to right after the launch in October.

  • Oct 14, 2016 at 02:55 PM

    Hi, everyone:

    This is a general response that I hope addresses everything above. It is not meant to single out anyone.

    Some of the comments here have taken a turn to nasty. There's really no reason for that.

    Moderators and members of the community team are doing their best to respond to all comments, questions, requests, and bug reports. In my case, it's my job. In the case of moderators, they freely volunteer their time, and their service is tremendously appreciated. (On a personal note, I also appreciate Benedict's input. There's a good reason why I interviewed him for Member of the Month. Now if I can just get him to upload a profile pic so I can update the Member of the Month list... ;-) )

    It's important to understand the difference between a bug here and a feedback request. As noted above, "marking notifications as read automatically" is a feature that needs to be implemented. What Steffi explained is the preferred process for sharing this feedback, which we welcome.

    As you might imagine, the same requests come up multiple times -- as some features are in high demand. This happens to be one of them, and I agree with it wholeheartedly. We even made note of it during open beta. (We have a full list of previously captured feedback available here -- and this one appears there: "Automated 'mark as read' functionality for notifications.")

    The challenge becomes answering the same comments multiple times and trying to ensure that we are tracking one entry in Idea Place. Per Steffi's point, if you find feedback similar to yours in Idea Place and vote for it, that helps us measure its overall demand and we can prioritize new features accordingly. If the same idea is entered multiple times, it becomes a tad messier.

    Don't get me wrong: We want people to start conversations, offer feedback, share ideas. All of the explanations above are just meant to help streamline the process. You can learn more about that here:

    In the end, I fully expect the same ideas to get entered multiple times. This response -- and the one from Steffi -- are meant to serve as helpful guides.

    I know that this change has caused a great deal of frustration, and it's only natural for this to manifest in comments. I'm going to leave this discussion open in case anyone would like additional info from me. I am happy to respond. I only ask that we try to maintain the levels of civility outlined in our rules of engagement.

    Best regards,


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    • From the common sense point of view:

      In the previous SCN the automatic clearing of notification was a very useful feature. It's obvious for everybody.

      In the new SCN it was decided not to implement it - strange decision! May be there are some technical issues with the implementation of this feature? Or?

      But I see no reason to vote for this feature in idea place, it has to be implemented.

  • Oct 13, 2016 at 10:28 PM

    Hello Benedict,

    there is an idea for that: Idea Place

    Check it out, vote on the other ideas, you like to support.



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    • Steffi Warnecke Benedict Venmani Felix

      Aww, thank you, Benedict! I do my best. :)

      And yes, the status updates are missed, but we took over the Coffee Corner and re-use it as such, when needed. ^^ You are very welcome to come by. The CC at least is easy to find in the Community dropdown list directly under the "Questions & Answers".

      Kind regards,


  • Oct 14, 2016 at 12:40 PM

    Benedict, following the suggestion from Steffi, you should read and vote some of these ideas.

    And when SAP reads the idea (min required +10 votes), and when SAP works on the idea, then maybe this question could be mark as solved ;)

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    • Wow, so, voting is required!!!! even if users are not able to use properly & bugs reported & features gone & All private information became public.

      1 thing, I am sure that for notifications, we have to mark manually as Read. I do not know compared to the old where we need not required to mark as Read, here it is there. Why not instead of having the manual option for "Mark as Read", there remains the option called as Mark as Unread like the similar options we get in mails like gmail or yahoomail. I am not liking to receive anyone feedback or reply here to ask me post in the Idea Place. Because already posted here & it takes a lot of times page refresh to post a single content only.