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Force Close Sales Order

Oct 09, 2017 at 10:29 AM


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Dear Expert,

Need you advice about something.

I have 1 order type that automatically create PR, then PO. The AR Invoice referred from Sales Order (No Delivery). The problem is the first implementer tick "Item Relev . for Dlv" when define Item Categories where there should be no Delivery at all. Now, all the SO status is Being Processed even thought the Billing status is Fully Invoiced. We cannot input reason for rejection in the item because it connected to PO.

Is there any way to changes the status in SO into completed?



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Before posting a question, please make sure you have searched all existing content -- as the answers may already be available.

Try to use these search options, too with the text "change sale order status":

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This has been answered very many times on SCN and there are SAP notes on how to update the status after configuration change. Make sure to search not just Google but also SAP notes before posting a new question.

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