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Revoke user to reverse purchase document if inspection lot is in CRTD condition

Oct 07, 2017 at 10:46 AM


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Dear All,

Our client want to provoke the reversal f purchasing document if the inspection lot in the quality is in CRTD stage (no inspection plan has been assigned yet).

Problem is when they reverse the Purchasing document for the same having lot in crtd stage, document get reversed, but inspection lot remains there in QA32.No doubt there is no stock for same in MMBE in quality/or any where.

But end user gets confused with the inspection lots present in qa32.

To cancel lot is greyed out in Functions so that is also not possible.

Now we want to show a error message when lot is in crtd & user is reversing the P.O.

Give your precious suggestions.

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4 Answers

Jürgen L
Oct 07, 2017 at 10:51 AM

How is an inspection lot linked to a PO if there is not yet a goods receipt?

I don't find this among the origins listed here:

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After doing GR 101 then Inspection lot is created.

Then it is in CRTD unless assigned an inspection plan. Now if user reverses the same lot will be there without going in LTCA unless get released.


In your question you wrote: " no doubt there is no stock in MMBE".

Now you are saying you have a receipt, Sounds different.

what do you actually want to stop?

Cancelling the receipt or cancelling the PO?

Please try to get the story straight with full detail


What happens.... When Gr is done.. there is stock in MMBE...+ Inspection lot is in CRTD condition.

Now Gr reversal takes place for same material document by team.

Gr gets reversed but inspection lot remains there with CRTD status. no doubt stock also gets reversed from MMBE.

But end user finds the lot in QA32 screen.

So what i want to show an error message when trying to do reversal of material document if inspection lot is in CRTD condition....


If you don't mind then read your subject of this discussion again.

You will hopefully see we are now at a quite different request.

It is not at all about revoking users to reverse a PO.


Already added to the topic if inspection lot for same is in CRTD condition.


That was not what I meant.

A goods receipt is from my point of view not a purchasing document, if you call it document then it is a material document.

Purchasing documents are, requisition, purchase order, RFQ, outline agreements.

Craig S
Oct 11, 2017 at 05:22 PM

I'm GUESSING here that you mean you are doing an MBST for the purchasing document that has already been received.

Due to an error in master data setup the inspection lot was in CRTD status after the GR. After doing the MBST the lot remains. There is no stock because of the MBST.

When the MBST is performed, the lot is supposed to get a status of LTCA (Lot cancelled). I believe that when doing the MBST, it doesn't matter if the lot is in CRTD or REL status. The lot is still cancelled and gets the LTCA status.

To stop seeing lots that are cancelled in the various QM worklists, (QA32, QE51n, etc), create a selection profile for the worklist that excludes lots with the LTCA status.


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Here no LTCA is assigned to lot if is in CRTD before reversing..

That's the issue.


Ok. i just tested one in my system and when the MBST is done, the lot was marked as LTCA.

I would look to see if you have a user status profile assigned to your inspection lot and if the status profile was designed in such a way that it's blocking the cancellation.

If the MBST was saved, but the insp. lot is not LTCA, go to QA02 and see if you can cancel the lot from there. If the user status is preventing it, or some other status is preventing it, it might show an error that will let you know what status is blocking cancellation.


Okey thanks buddy

Was your lot in CRTD ???

Also confirm if it was against purchase order ???

Let me check if any user status is active in that time......


Yes to both., CRTD status. An 01 inspection type against a purchase order.

Question: Does your stock go into QI stock when the lot is created? Or does it post directly to unrestricted stock?

Ours posts to QI stock.


Yes sir,

Lot is created in Quality inspection area.

Did you try to cancel the lot in QA02? Any messages? the inspection lot is a material document shown for the lot origin? Has that material document been reversed using MBST?

Venkatesh Babu Oct 12, 2017 at 03:57 AM

Dear Sukhwinder Singh,

As per standard SAP once you have done the material document cancellation (MIGO / MBST), system will automatically change the status of the lot will be LTCA(Lot cancelled)

If system don't want you to make reversal if an inspection lot is there means

you have to take the ABAP Support to make a validation



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Okey... thanks but for that i have to use badi validation.

Ok i will see in that.. thanks anyway.

Sukhwinder Singh Nov 22, 2017 at 10:15 AM

Thanks all..

Done via applying Badi.

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