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Tagged questions page: what really happened here?

This result list is challenging my common sense and sanity.

Can somebody please, help me understand what really happened here?

This is the link (I use the default sorting by Updated):

Exhibit A: I see only one answer (mine) submitted 7 hours ago.

Exhibit B: the last activity I see was an answer, posted 3 hours ago.

Exhibit C: the last answer was 4 hours ago.

Exhibit D: The question was created 11 hours ago, the last answer was 10 hours ago, there are no comments by the OP. What did he publish 9 hours ago? Is it something important?

I am trying to find some logical explanation to that - is this related to moderation activities, did somebody post and then delete his comment? I have no way to track what is going on from Followed Activities. Checking each question one by one to figure out if any feedback was provided, is highly inefficient - I sincerely want to help people, but I won't be spending my time in pointless activities.

There is a website (it is some sort of game), where you need to figure out how to get to the next screen, but you can get a few hints and a clear success/failure message.

Can I get a hint for that, please?

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