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stock transfer between company code

hi guys!

i have a problem here. how can i make a stock transfer within different company code. we have 2 company code. Lets say A001 and A002. We will transfer RM001(raw material) from A001 to A002.Then all the production and backflushing will be done in A002.Then the RM001 will become a FG product at A002. Then we need to transfer this FG to third part,lets say A003. then how can we transfer FG from A002 to A003? A002 will receive RM001 without reference to PO and will issue out to A003 without SO,is it? can or not? how to solve this?

anyone please help..

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Nov 19, 2007 at 04:01 AM


    First you want to send RM001, from A001 to A002.

    1) So first, for A001 and its Sale Area Combination, Create one Customer( Because For A001.....A002 is Customer) and assign this Customer no for the receiving Plant, A002 in OLME---- ->Purchase Order ->Set up STO ---> Choose your receiving plant, A002 and assign the customer no......

    And in the same menu path, choose your suppling plant, A001, and assign the SALE AREA..

    2)Then, now A001 is suppling RM001 to A002. So, for A002, The A001 is Vendor.... So in XK01, For A002, its Pur.Org. and Company Code combination , Create one Vendor and while creating in Purchasing view page---- -> Goto Extras -- ->Additional Pur.Data --

    > In Plant assignment Field, Assign the suppling plant, A001.

    3)Then Again Goto OLME---- ->Purchase Order ->Set up STO ->Assign Delivery type and checking rule ----> Go to new entries and maintain Delivery type NLCC( It is the delivery type for STO bet. Plants belongs to Diff company codes) for tthe Suppling plant and Document type NB Combination....

    4) Then again goto,OLME---- ->Purchase Order ->Set up STO ->Assign Document type,One step procedure and underdelivery tolerance ---.> Go to new entries, For your Suppling Plant( A001), Receiving Plant( A002) combinaton Assign Document type NB.

    These are the configuration steps in MM side we have to follow

    In SD side, Make sure the Suppling plant is having Proper Shipping point.

    Now you have to Create PO from Receiving Plant, A002 to A001....In Vendor field of PO, you have to give the newly created Vendor Name

    Then you to do Delivery from Suppling Plant,A001 in Transaction code, VL10B and do the PGI In VL02N...

    Then you can do GR at Receiving Plant,A002 in Transaction code MIGO AND ref. document for GR, you choose Outbound Delivery no( which was created in suppling plant,A001)

    This is the procedure for STO, bet Plants Belong to Diff. Co.Codes( Inter Co.Code or Cross Co.Code STO).

    In same way, you can Transfer the FG from A002 to A003.

    Here in STO, You neednot create SO.....oYou are creating delivery and Doing PGI based on STO Purchase Order only....

    Hope I have explained elaborately.

    Reward if useful



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      Hi Crimson

      Then As per SAP BEST PRACTICE, you cannot just transfer the material bet Plants belongs to Diff Co.Codes....Not at all have to sell...

      Because In SAP, The all P&L and Accounting and all maintained at company code level.



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    Posted on Nov 19, 2007 at 04:13 AM


    First u should clear types of STO

    1. Sto within plant (intra sto) with sd and no billing

    a. mat should created one plant with sales view and exten rec.plant

    b.create sales Area(sales org,sale dist,sales view) and assign to supply plant

    c.create customer master for suppying plant

    d.define shipping point and assign to sup.plant

    e.define shipping conditions like(01,dd,3333,1000)

    f.assgin doc.ment type for intra plant UB and delivery type NL)

    g. create po with ub doc type with item cat U it and will goto vl10b then get sto no.

    i.Migo and miro do it

    2.Sto with two different company(inter) here with sd and billing

    only diff doc ment type NB, delivery type NLCC

    Vendor master -purchase view u will give supplying plant

    remains step all r same.



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