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Oct 06, 2017 at 04:00 AM


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Hi Experts

I would like to ask some questions about SAP JAM.

1. Now, I can delete it if I leave a feed.

But can you block the authorization to prevent Admin. from clearing this feed?

2. Is CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) authorized for each user?

I know that CRUD can be assigned to each group, but I wonder if it is possible for each user.

3. Can I view C4C data in JAM, can I control C4C data permissions?

Please tell me how to prevent it.

4. Do you get a push message when I upload a feed to a group?

Can you tell me the procedure for the above question?

It is a critical and important question for me. Please suggest.

Best regards,


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2 Answers

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Christian Happel
Oct 08, 2017 at 10:49 AM

Users can always delete their own status updates. Although for audit reasons it’s being tracked if a user deletes his feed update.

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1.SAP JAM > Business Records > Home > Account / Opportunity / Service Ticket / Task

Can I set the C4C data shown above to be visible to other users and invisible to other users?

In other words, Can I make certain C4C data invisible?

2.SAP JAM > Business Records > Home > Account

An issue occurred. To troubleshoot, please provide the following error key to your Jam administrator: 5dd6b297ef55a70abac6

Not sure if your new questions are really related to my earlier answer, but anyways:
1. Who can view what in C4C is determined on the C4C side, and can't be overruled by SAP Jam. I'm not the expert on C4C authorizations but I don't think it's possible to define visibility on a task level. I assume that task visibility is determined by authorizations of the associated objects, such as accounts or opportunities.

2. I don't know what the problem is there. It looks like something of the integration hasnt been configured correctly.

Christian Happel
Oct 07, 2017 at 10:03 PM


1. Im sorry but I don’t understand the question exactly. Are you asking if it’s possible to prevent that a group administrator can delete Feed updates of other members in his group?

2. You are right that certain authorizations are managed on a group level. It isn’t possible to limit specific users on a system wide level.

3. The out of the box integration with C4C allows to view data from C4C right in the SAP Jam UI. SAP Jam follows the existing authorizations in C4C for that. It’s not possible to control or change these authorizations from SAP Jam side as this would be a security problem.

4. Users don’t get a push notification for every update posted in a group but they can see it in their feed. It is possible though to notify everybody of a feed update if there’s need to do so.

Best, Christian

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Thanks for the answer to the question.

1. Right. Do you have permission to delete feed updates from other members when you post from a group and when an individual leaves a feed?

2. "SAP JAM" > Group > Group Admin > Edit Group > Participation.

Is it correct to go in and set up as above?

Best regards,



1. Group administrators always have the ability to delete feed updates from others in the group. This is of course also possible for people you left the group already.

2. That is one option, yes. In addition you can restrict access to certain information by putting it into a private group and only inviting the people who should have access to that information.


1. When a user creates a feed, and that feed Can an administrator set it so that it can not be deleted?

I'm trying to get a simple approval through JAM. This can be a problem if some users delete their feeds at will.