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View existing calculation views in the new Web IDE for SAP HANA


I created a new project in my XSA. Now I am lost on how I can bring the Packages and views I had built using HANA studio.

In the database explorer, I could see the schemas and tables but I can't find the views anywhere.

Please Help. I've gone through the documentation but couldn't find any examples where an existing view was brought into the XSA screen.

Also, can you please advice if there is a conversion process from calculation views to hdbcalculation views? I need to leverage the new null value handling feature for my existing views.



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2 Answers

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    Oct 06, 2017 at 03:19 AM

    The migration guide for calculation views and the objects around them is here (to take them from their XS Classic version into the XS Advanced world in Web IDE for SAP HANA):

    Cross-container access to get data from your old schema (or just a plain one, like the one you would replicate with SLT, for example) from your hdi-container is explained here (the key is the xs cups command and the synonym as Lars says):

    I just caught this because @lars.breddemann commented on it... I also replied to this same question on my blog (that did send me a notification), also referencing Thomas Jung's and Rich Heilman's upcoming open SAP course:

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    • First, this is a completely different question and belongs in a new post.

      Second, I think you have responded this yourself. You found the flag on Web IDE and in order to get calculation views into that model you need to migrate them. If I were you, I would first test if this solves all of your problems related to null values. The migration is not about just getting the views to show up in a new set of tools. The views (and all other objects) need to be converted to the new model.

      Please see the migration guide, it is full of examples you can try out yourself and there is a tool that will take care of most of the objects.

      The alternative if you are not ready to migrate is the one you mention, and you are also explaining the downsides of this.

  • Oct 06, 2017 at 02:18 AM

    What objects you can see and reference in WebIDE depends on the HDI configuration.

    Generally speaking, there is no default access to other schemas objects with XSA/HDI containers but you have to explicitly define synonyms for objects you want to use.

    The blogs and give a good start on that.

    Also: putting usernames as tags does not lead to notifications. Based on blog the @ (at-mention feature) should work. However, it did not provide me with a user list when writing out this answer.

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    • Hi Lars Breddemann ,

      Thanks for the tip around notifications and the for links you provided.

      I understand this somewhat now. But let me explain what my requirement is..please suggest a solution here.

      I have calculation views that we've built using HANA studio which have fields having data along with null values.

      The client wishes to default null values across all of the fields in these views to the default values of their respective datatype. For example, a null field in a column like Revenue (of type decimal) becomes 0.0

      From what I understood, there's null value handling available in the Semantics node of a hdbcalculation view in WEB IDE for SAP HANA in XSA.

      I also tried to create a new graphical Calc view and found the checkbox there.

      This is a WEB IDE exclusive feature. How can I apply this to a view that we have created via the HANA Studio?

      Creating calculated columns to handle nulls will take a lot of effort across hundreds of fields. Would have been great if we could "migrate"/"change" the .calculation views to .hdbcalculation views.

      Please advice. Thanks again for your time in reading this.