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Batch determination in WM - Sort rule not working

Oct 05, 2017 at 11:44 AM


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I have configured a new batch determination using the following customizing points:

Batch management - Batch determination and Batch check

Strategy type: made a new one linked to an existing access sequence. I've used here a class selection with no restriction and a sorting sequence. The sorting sequence only sorts by one ascending field.

Batch search procedure definition: made a new one linked to my previously created strategy type.

Batch search method for WM: linked the batch search procedure definition to my WM movement class 320.

Aditional to this, I've created a condition record with LS51 with reference to my warehouse and WM movement defining the same class selection and sorting sequence.

Now, I use transaction LT04 and let SAP to select a batch.

Always have the same result, the batches are never sorted using my sorting sequence.

Thank you for your time, experts.

And sorry for my english.


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2 Answers

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Jürgen L
Oct 05, 2017 at 08:07 PM

is there any reason not to use LOBM-LICHA as characteristic?

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In my opinion, our SAP has been modified with "Z" too much.

I am going to use the characteristic you said and give it another try.

I wonder if the characteristic I use in the sort sequence has to exist in the selection...

I'll report ASAP.



I have just changed the characteristic you suggested in my sort sequence.

Still have the same result.

I need the batches to be sorted ascending by "Vendor Batch Number", so if I have two batches, one with Vendor Batch Number and the other without any data on that field, I need the TO to take the one without the Vendor Batch Number.

I have checked MCHA-LICHA for my batches, and the field LICHA is always empty.

I keep on testing...


If MCHA-LICHA is always empty then how do you expect to use it to sort batches on that?

MCHA-LICHA is the basis for the characteristic LOBM-LICHA.

How does your batch classification look like?


This is our batch classification.

The characteristics are Z, even if there are standard ones... :(

I'm afraid that I have to check the way our Z characteristics are filled.

José Antonio de Celis Rivero Oct 09, 2017 at 12:23 PM

I finally understood the process.

My system where selecting and sorting all the batches correctly, even with no data on MCHA table.

The step I didn't understand was the fact that SAP first check the warehouse type determination sequence, and then, checks the batch determination; selection and sorting.

I moved together all the material batches in the same warehouse type and check again the TO creation successfully taking the logic in my condition record.

Thanks @jrgen.lins.

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