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Nov 16, 2007 at 04:39 PM

AFS - SD allocation/re-allocation run



I need help with this specific scenario.We have the AFS solution in our system.

The scenario goes something like this:

Sales Order is created. The allocation run is run, stock is allocated for the requirement. The outbound delivery is created and the TO is created automatically and picked and confirmed automatically.

In case of short pick, the items are returned to bin and the delivery quantity is reduced. As far as i understand, after the delivery quantity is reduced in the delivery, we can no longer increase it as I get the message " Delivery qty > allocated stock qty / qty will be reduced"

In some cases, the user would like to increase the quantity in the delivery, after the delivery qty was deleted by mistake. (for example reduced the quantity of a wrong schedule line)

So I am looking for a solution, how to allocate stock back to the order/specific line item after the delivery has been created. Unless I allocate stock, I am not able to increase the delivery quantity. (Note: I seen this problem occur only in AFS, where once allocation is gone, delivery quantity cannot be increased.)

I have tried experimenting with the Arun Optimizer with no success.

Any solution to this problem ? Can anyone please guide me on this ?