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Event should trigger when WBS element was RELEASED from CJ02 Transaction.

Oct 05, 2017 at 11:12 AM


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Hi All,

I have a scenario where i have to trigger a workflow when ever the WBS Element was released from the CJ02 Transaction.

I Have assigned BOR Object BUS2054 as object type and triggering Event of the object as RELEASED Binding and Activation also Done.

Now the problem is whenever the WBS Element was released from the transaction my Event was not getting triggered I cannot Able to find it in SWEL.

I have a another Doubt regarding the same... Can we use the same object type and event to trigger the multiple workflows?

can anybody help me on this.

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi Sundeep,

did you check in SWEL if any other object getting triggered when you do a RELEASE?

not sure if your WBS is linked with milestones. as I have used MLST_NETW business object when a particular status got changed (but this was for PS process).

Hope it helps.

Aditya V

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1 Answer

Susan Keohan
Oct 05, 2017 at 07:25 PM

Hi Sundeep,

First of all, yes... you can use the same object and event to trigger multiple workflows. But why would you?
Second, I had a similar scenario and I ended up using Change Documents to raise an event when the status on a WBS was changed. You'll need to look at menu path Tools> Business Workflow > Development > Events > Change documents.

You could also look at Status Management - to trigger the event when someone changes the status of the WBS for example.
Good luck,

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for the reply, How to change documents what will happens if i change Documents.

Right now I am stuck at a place where I have defined Workflow, I have assigned a EVENT to trigger when the status of a WBS t was changed to CRTD(Created) to PREL(Partially Released). And the EVENT was already created in SBVW under Customer settings still my event was not getting triggered from the Transaction level am I missing something..? If I Do change documents will it helps me in this situation.




Status management, as Sue suggested in her earlier post, is the better way to deal with PS structures so it seems like you're on the right track.

However your event trigger setup sounds a bit suspicious. You can't define an event when a status changes 'from status X to status Y', that's not how status management works. Statuses are either on or off, and BSVW defines events to be raised whenever a particular status changes. Note that user statuses are based on a status profile, so please verify whether you are actually changing/configuring the right statuses.

Given the above, I suggest you sit with someone knowledgeable in SAP Status Management or your functional consultant and verify your setup.


Hi mike,

Hi susan,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions, Actual requirement was event should trigger when someone changes the status of the WBS for that i used BOR Object BUS2054 and as of now my object was working fine and I met with the requirement after checking the event linkage in SWE2.