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Cannot connect to SAP Application Server

Oct 05, 2017 at 09:56 AM


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Hello Experts,

I'm trying to connect to SAP system from a non SAP System by following this Github doc SAP RFC Connector for NodeJS( ). But when I try to connect on the SAP Application server I'm getting this error.

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Bartosz Jarkowski Oct 05, 2017 at 10:19 AM


the problem is with your sap router configuration. It doesn't allow the connection to your SAP.

You may want to contact your system administrators to add the routing to the target SAP system.

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Hello Bartosz,
Thanks for the quick response. I did contact our system administrator and he told me that he was able to connect to the Application Server using different external connection. I was able to ping the SAP Router IP. Can I ping the Application Server as well if I have the right to access it?


Hello George,

Pinging application server depends on your network and sap router configuration.

Are you sure you use the correct SAProuter string to connect?


Hi Bartosz,
In my case the system administrator did provide me the SAProuter string to connect.


I can also ping that server IP Address so I'm thinking that it's valid. Now I just want to verify whether my IP is granted an access to the Application Server. My opinion is that SAProuter serves as gateway to the Application Server so once my IP is granted an access to the Application Server I can ping it from my office.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Your SAPRouter string is correct.

The error says Route Permission Denied, so you need to correct your saprouter configuration.

You should have there an entry like this:

P <source host> <target host> <port>

Is your system admin able to connect to the system from the same external location as you?


Hello Bartosz,
Thanks for your response.

Since we cannot connect on the Application Server via SAProuter, what we did was connect via VPN. So right now I can ping the Application Server but I have encountered new error.
There are two scenarios I'm thinking

  1. I do not have the role to access the RFCPING
  2. RFCPING is not RFCenabled
rfcping.png (32.9 kB)


I have quickly checked on my system and the RFCPING is RFC-enabled.

So you just miss authorization in your system. Most probably you're interested in authorization object S_RFC.


Thanks Bartosz,

The system administrator send me a message that I have already connected to SAP system. And he will process the authorization for RFCPING and other function modules.