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Calling an HTTPS Webservice from ABAP

Oct 14, 2016 at 07:17 AM


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Hi guys.

Im trying to get some information from an External Webservice. I checked the WSDL using SoapUI and it worked good. Now, im passing the same info in ABAP, but i dont get any result. Is it possible to call an HTTPS Webservice from ABAP? or do I need to do something else? This is my code:

TYPES: BEGIN OF datos_servicio_web,<br>  http_url  TYPE string,<br>  proxy_host  TYPE string,<br>  proxy_service  TYPE string,<br>  http_data  TYPE string,<br>  http_result  TYPE string,<br>END OF datos_servicio_web.
DATA: tweb TYPE datos_servicio_web.
DATA:  http_client  TYPE REF TO if_http_client,<br>  http_rlength TYPE i.
<br>CONCATENATE<br>'<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="<a href=""></a>" xmlns:ban="<a href="">'">">'</a><br>  '<soap:Header/>'<br>  '<soap:Body>'<br>  '<ban:GetSeries>'<br>  '<ban:user>XXXX</ban:user>'<br>  '<ban:password>XXX</ban:password>'<br>  '<ban:firstDate>2016-10-12</ban:firstDate>'<br>  '<ban:lastDate>2016-10-12</ban:lastDate><ban:seriesIds>'<br>  '<ban:string>F073.UFF.PRE.Z.D</ban:string>'<br>  '</ban:seriesIds>'<br>  '</ban:GetSeries>'<br>  '</soap:Body>'<br>'</soap:Envelope>'<br>INTO tweb-http_data.
tweb-http_url = ''.<br>http_rlength = strlen( tweb-http_data ) .
CALL METHOD cl_http_client=>create_by_url<br>  EXPORTING<br>  url  = tweb-http_url<br>  proxy_host  = tweb-proxy_host<br>  proxy_service  = tweb-proxy_service<br>  IMPORTING<br>  client  = http_client<br>  EXCEPTIONS<br>  argument_not_found = 1<br>  plugin_not_active  = 2<br>  internal_error  = 3<br>  OTHERS  = 4.
CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_cdata<br>  EXPORTING<br>  data  = tweb-http_data<br>  offset = 0<br>  length = http_rlength.
<br>CALL METHOD http_client->send<br>  EXCEPTIONS<br>  http_communication_failure = 1<br>  http_invalid_state  = 2.
CALL METHOD http_client->receive<br>  EXCEPTIONS<br>  http_communication_failure = 1<br>  http_invalid_state  = 2<br>  http_processing_failed  = 3.
<br>CLEAR tweb-http_result.<br>tweb-http_result = http_client->response->get_cdata( ).
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hi,Did you solve the problem? How did it work out?

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3 Answers

Simone Milesi Oct 14, 2016 at 08:23 AM

Hi, there are a lot of old question and a nice guide from Thomas Jung.

Initial questions: did you try to debug? If yes, which result you have?

Second one: did you setup the SSL certificate?

With SSL, trying to invoking a service, I found more easy to manage to create an HTTP connection with its own SSL certificate to avoid security issues.

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Miguel Alvear Nov 01, 2016 at 08:13 PM

Hi, i searched a lot, but nothing is working, i debugged and result at the

CALLMETHOD http_client->receive is http_communication_failure.

I havent setup the SLL idea what I need to do or if BASIS need to install sth in the server.

I checked the WSDL using SoapUI without installing any cetificated and worked good, why should I have to install it...and where?

The webservice is giving by a bank company, so companies can use it to get the currency information among other things



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Miguel Alvear Oct 17, 2016 at 01:25 PM


i answered you 3 days ago...and this new comments.

well, the result that i get is "CALLMETHOD http_client->receive<br>EXCEPTIONS<br> http_communication_failure =1"

I installed the certicated in DEV system using STRUST tcode.

any ideas?? do I have to change my code? where...



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Sorry, i did not saw your answer since in the new community you get notification only if someone comment your own answer(......).

STRUST is not enough :)

As I wrote, check Thomas Jung's blog

You are missing a step

Bear in mind that the changes made in the trust manager will only take effect after you restart the application server or at least the ICM (transaction SMICM, Administration -> ICMAN -> Exit Soft).