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Oct 04, 2017 at 07:11 PM

Best Practices For ABAP CDS VDM development and front-end development



I would like to know if, by your experience , you think it would be better to have one virtual data model (@analytics.datacategory: #CUBE) for just a single query/consumption view (created through Bex Query Designer or an ABAP CDS view), or more queries for a single data model? What would you think it would be the tradeoffs in development and mainteinance exploiting first approach rather than second one? By my experience with BW I saw more often one single cube for multiple queries, instead in S4hana delivered ABAP CDS view I saw always a ratio 1:1 between ABAP CDS "cube" and related consumption view.

Another topic is about which tool to prefer to develop front end queries: BeX Query Designer (I experienced some limitations when exposed as Odata in Fiori) or ABAP CDS view of type query (more integrated with Fiori but some BeX Query variables functionalities covered may not be covered by specific ABAP CDS annotations)?

Thanks for answering!