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Oct 06, 2017 at 04:15 PM

Change InfoObject attribute description without altering underlying InfoObjects?


In the link below, I asked about altering the order of attributes of an InfoObject in the F4 help menu in Portal using Bex queries. Our goal had been to re-order dimension attributes in Portal so that we could sort important ones before less important ones. The consensus seemed to be that a custom sort-order cannot be created, and that the best method for achieving our desired result would be to rename attribute descriptions in such a way that less important attributes would be listed after more important ones. This workaround would involve simply making the first character of important attributes an earlier letter in the alphabet than less important attributes. Not ideal, but unless someone knows of a way to accomplish our original goal, it might have to suffice.

We have been able to do this in RSD1 by double clicking into the underlying InfoObject of an attribute and changing its description. However, this results in a global description change to all instances the underlying InfoObject appears in, including its appearance in queries where it is not being used as an attribute. We would like to change only the description of the attribute as it appears in F4 help, not of its underlying InfoObject. Altering the Navigation Att. description / short text in RSD1 successfully changes the description where the attribute is being used navigationally, but it has no effect on instances where the attribute appears as an attribute within the F4 help menu. Does anyone have any ideas on how to alter the description of an attribute as it appears in F4 help without changing the description of the underlying InfoObject?