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SAP Design Studio - Crosstab does not show all data

Hi dear Community,

I have found out that the crosstab removes multiple datasets which are the same. So it "distincts" the data. For example: I have a datasource (what data is not relevant for this problem!) which has a count of 6636 rows (tested in the Edit Query Specification of the datasource). Now if I pull this datasource into a crosstab and open this report, it only shows me 6123 rows. Why does a crosstab distinct the data? In the datasource itself is no distinct and in the Edit Query Specifation also not.

Is there any setting which distincts the displayed data? I couldn't find anything about that.

Thanks and Regards,


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  • Hi Vu,

    Some initial comments:

    1) When posting a question related to data sources you should specify which type of data source you are using such as BW, HANA or Universe because this will influence analysis of the issue and the outcome. Since you have mentioned the "Edit Query Specification" option, I am assuming you must be using a Universe data source, is that right?

    2) You should always specify which version of Design Studio you are using;

    3) A Crosstab itself never "distincts" data. A Crosstab has a Display Repeated Texts property but this only suppresses duplicate display and not the data itself. This appears to be an aggregation issue at the data source level. If you turn on Totals Display, do the totals on the Initial View screen match the totals on the Crosstab? While the actual data itself may not be relevant to the problem, it would be clearer if you posted screenshots of the data source Initial View as well as the result on the Crosstab.



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