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Oct 06, 2017 at 09:26 AM

Pick Point - Repacking in Workcentre automatically confirms the open WT


Dear Experts,

I have configured Pick Point for removal of partial qty from a HU. As per LOSC config, I could see 2 WTs created. I confirm the open HU WT to move full pallet from source bin to Pick Point and then I log in to the WorkCentre with source HU. Here, I am seeing the source HU and also associated open WT for moving partial qty from Pick Point to final destination bin. I then create a pick HU and drag-drop the open WT in to Pick HU (Repacking). Soon the open WT gets confirmed and my pick HU for partial qty remains in Pick Point Work centre. I have also noticed the 2nd WT destination bin was updated to the Work centre storage bin. Can you please suggest what am I doing wrong here? or if I am missing any config?

Basically I want the 2nd WT to be open even after re-packing so that another user can confirm the movement from Pick Point to final destination bin on RF.