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Nov 15, 2007 at 08:47 PM

HR Structural Authorizations


We are planning to use structural authorizations and restrict users to their Organization Units. Here is my question and I'm not sure if this can be done.

1. The client wants to be able to restrict organizations to maintain data (PPOME) by ORG UNITS. (I know how to do this.)

2. The client also wants to be able to display all organizations (PPOSE). (I don't know how to do this because of #1 above.) If you are restricting them to maintain by their ORG UNIT, how can they review all organizations in display mode (PPOSE).

3. Our test showed that you could see display data for Master data (PA) but not for OM data or Organizational data.

I know you could do this by removing their PD profiles (Structural Authorizations) but this not wanted.

Anyone know how to do this?