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Nov 15, 2007 at 02:36 PM

why does exchange profile fail &how to reload exchange profile page?


Several Questions:

With some what of great difficulty, I was able to install PI7 on windows oracle.

Did a client copy and changed the Client in exchange profile to point to my client 020 in stead of default client 001.

Now I restart the server and MMC is GREEN but no more exchange Profile page.

The Start Integration Builder works fine (loads after a long time) but SLDCHECK fails to load SLD saying that SAPSLDAPI, LCRSAP.. etc RFC destinations are not available. But I'm able to trigger SLD from the Integration Builder page. It needed several Lcr roles to be set up and assigned.

Is it necessary to configure these RFC destinations?

One more issue : once I change the client to the working client in Exchange Profile, the SLD Datasupplier thorws RED in visual admin.

What are the steps to be done precisely for PI7 once the install completes?

(Installed ABAP + JAVA + PI together at one shot using SAPINST GUI.

The Config guides of XI3 do not seem to do much help.

There are no specific docs for PI7 like the ones they developed for XI3.

Please advise how to stabilize the PI7 instance wrt the above issues.