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Oct 05, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Software Certification for Portugal


According to note 1511306 - Software Certification for Portugal, I need to import the RSP (Remote Support Plataform) certificate.

At this moment I have a doubt of the place to make the request:

Note: “created under component 'SBO-ADM-IE-DI', priority HIGH and with following details:
Subject: Encryption key deployment request for Portugal
- Customer name: [for example SPECIMEN, AG]
- Customer number [for example 1234567]
- Version: [for example 880.234.16]
- System number: [for example 00000000000000232323323, see also note below]
- Installation number: [for example 0987654321, see also note below]

Does it have to be created in RSP or As I checked in RSP I can not create orders, right?

Do I need a S-USER technician to place the order? S-USER technical is the same as a super user?

I tried to configure the SAP channel in RSP with a super user and gives the following error:

I ask your help to clarify these doubts, because I need to certify the invoices.

Best regards,


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