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Nov 15, 2007 at 08:46 AM

Auto logon to default_host does not work


Hello BSP-experts!

On my system the automatic logon and redirect to a default service does not work.

Here is what I want:

An incoming http-request (http://server:8000) should be automatically redirected to a BSP application (/sap/bc/bsp/sap/z_portal) without prompting the user for logon data.

To achieve this I have set logn data (client, username, pwd, language) on the default_host in SICF, and I have set the default_service to the desired SICF node. I activated everything. Does not work, I always get a logon popup in the browser. If I enter my username and pwd, I get redirected to the correct service.

I have set the following parameters in the instacne profile:

is/HTTP/default_root_hdl = abap

icm/http/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, TO=/zscm

(the SICF Alias /zscm points to the BSP application I want to launch.

My system is a NW2004s ABAP+JAVA. I am not sure if this parameter is set correctly:

icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/,HOST=localhost,CONN=0-500,PORT=5$$00

maybe this influences the ICM default_host because all requests go to the j2ee engine? (just a desperate guess)

Please can anyone help - how to configure auto logon to the SICF default_host!

Best regards,