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Nov 14, 2007 at 05:47 PM

SDN Subscriptions - really badly executed program


You get this announcement of all this great stuff you will get if you shell out the money for this program - all over blogs and teched and you feel excited about it. Well, let me tell you some of the things you will get with it

- There is no documentation specific to this program that comes with the package - you get the generic installation guide which is not going to help. For example it tells you you need a solution manager key, but will not tell you how to get one.

- Blogs kept talking of how you could build your own applications (presumably to sell), now suddenly there is 'no date yet' when you can do that (and that the team owning this program is 'working on it'.).

- Your one year starts the day you received the package (not even the day when you install it, but the day you receive your UPS package - thats right).

- Thing like ' you can apply for your own namespace' are touted in the introductory blogs, but how would you do that is for you to figure out yourself. These guys aren't going to tell you.

I have experienced installation pains since the days of miniSAP on linux, and I can now say this program is as frustrating an experience as any. Only that now you are shelling 2.5K USD for it and do not know if you will get what you were promised you will get.

I would be happy to hear from any one from this program to tell me any of the above is incorrect. For others thinking about it, best of luck.