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SDN Subscriptions - really badly executed program

You get this announcement of all this great stuff you will get if you shell out the money for this program - all over blogs and teched and you feel excited about it. Well, let me tell you some of the things you will get with it

- There is no documentation specific to this program that comes with the package - you get the generic installation guide which is not going to help. For example it tells you you need a solution manager key, but will not tell you how to get one.

- Blogs kept talking of how you could build your own applications (presumably to sell), now suddenly there is 'no date yet' when you can do that (and that the team owning this program is 'working on it'.).

- Your one year starts the day you received the package (not even the day when you install it, but the day you receive your UPS package - thats right).

- Thing like ' you can apply for your own namespace' are touted in the introductory blogs, but how would you do that is for you to figure out yourself. These guys aren't going to tell you.

I have experienced installation pains since the days of miniSAP on linux, and I can now say this program is as frustrating an experience as any. Only that now you are shelling 2.5K USD for it and do not know if you will get what you were promised you will get.

I would be happy to hear from any one from this program to tell me any of the above is incorrect. For others thinking about it, best of luck.

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3 Answers

  • Nov 15, 2007 at 09:28 AM

    Hi Ajay,

    Thanks for your detailed feedback. The points you are raising are important and we will definitely continue to improve the different aspects of this newly launched program - including user experience.

    With the package containing the software, you received a letter pointing you to the subscriptions landing page for information and instructions regarding use of your subscription.

    The landing" target="_blank">">landing page contains the instructions and elements required to install and activate the software. The documentation you received in the package is indeed the standard documentation every SAP customer receives as the software is identical.

    On the right hand side of the landing page we outline the relevant links">links> (visible only to subscribers) that would help you through the installation and activation process:

    The first box: “SAP NetWeaver Related Links” points to general NetWeaver information.

    The second one: “Frequently Asked Questions” provides detailed information in a form of an FAQ. This is the program documentation and it is provided only online as it is constantly changing and growing. You can also access the FAQ through the left side navigation under “Software Subscriptions”.

    The third box: “Subscription Related Links” contains links to the forms through which you request the installation key (aka Solution Manager key) and then the License key that extends the default 30 day license to the full year. (It’s actually more than 1 year. More below)

    The fourth and last box, provides information about accessing and downloading patches and new versions without having to use a local SAP Solution Manager. As a service, we host a Solution Manager instance for the SDN subscribers so you don’t need to install and configure one for yourself.

    Regarding the start and end dates of your subscription: Since we assumed there will be some gap between the day you subscribe and until the software is activated, the license key is actually set for 13 months. This means that you can still use the software for 1 month after your subscription expires. So, you get a full year of access to the premium services through the website, and up to 13 months of use of the software – depending on how much time it took to receive the package, install the software and activate it.

    Apparently we could have done a better job of communicating all the above and create a better initial experience for you and our other subscribers. We will continue to improve the program and will make sure your comments are addressed.

    Please continue to share feedback with us as this is our way of knowing what works and what can be improved. If you find any areas of the program beneficial, we would love to hear about those as well.

    You can share your ongoing feedback either here in this forum, send a message to our support queue ( if you have questions specific to your account, or directly to me: amir dot blich at sap dot com.

    Kind Regards,


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    Nov 18, 2007 at 02:55 PM

    Ed Hermann's blog is a good idea, however, SAP should be hosting a dedicated forum for the folks who forked over $2000+ for the subscription.

    The main issue as I see it is that your main target is developers, yet you are delivering a package only a basis expert could possibly comprehend.

    My first point of confusion is the license. I have the package. This is my understanding. I have 3 licenses. Each license represents one system id. So, for example, if I am interested in BI experiements, I could install BI ABAP, BI JAVA, and the EP. Correct? I could not then add an MDM installation. Correct? Also, since I am not a basis expert, I do not quite understand whether I need VMWare or something to put all 3, ( BI Java, BI ABAP and EP ) on the same host box.

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    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comments.

      you may find under the SAP NetWeaver category in the forums a dedicated forum which is accessible only for SDN subscribers. there are some discussions over there already about the potential landscapes.

      The forum is called SDN Subscriptions Program /community [original link is broken]

      Kind regards,

      Shay Barry

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      Shay Barry

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    Nov 18, 2007 at 03:59 PM


    Thanks a bunch. Now, how do I award you points? Sorry, I'm a bit of a rookie to the forums.

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    • Former Member Shay Barry

      Just to add - I am working through my installation (still). I will post anything that might be of help to others once I am there (BIEPABAPVCservice-packs+BI_Content).