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Former Member
Nov 14, 2007 at 12:16 PM

Problems adding new fields in COMMPR01


hi, i'm triing to add some new fields in a new tabstrip to tx. COMMPR01. I've created 3 new attributes with tx. COMM_ATTRSET, then a new set of attributes and i have added these 3 new fields to the set. i've also created a view, and a category and a hierarchy. when i run tx. COMMPR01 and i add my new category to a product i can see my new tabstrip with the 3 fields. now, my doubts/problems are the following:

- these fields are editable and y want them only to show information, not to edit them. how can i change it ?? i've tried with field exits but the system must be configurated so i'm waiting to do it.

- in these fields i want to see information got from R/3. For this, i have a remote function that gets these values. but... how can i show this information in my values ??? when i run COMMPR01 for the first time i can see some user exits or badi used, but when i open a new product there's no badi/user exit. so.. i don't know how to pass the values i get in my function to the new fields...

thanks in advance...