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Role(-Template) with Auth Object S_START with R3TR G4BA /IWNGW/NOTIFICATION?


I was activating the Fiori 2.0 Push Notifications according to this guide. All went fine except one hiccup during the Service Group Publication, where it gave me an error saying something like "Mandatory field inital". The hiccup let to routing errors. I fixed this by adding the System Alias `LOCAL` in transaction /IWFND/V4_ADMIN for the Service Group `/IWNGW/NOTIFICATION`. So far, so good.

Now, when I test all this by using transaction `/IWNGW/BEP_DEMO` (see section `Test the Demo Notification Provider IWNGW_DEMO1` in the guide) it "sends" the notification (entries in the according tables). But when I now open the Fiori Launchpad it gives me an error popup saying "An error has occured":

In /IWFND/ERROR_LOG (on the Notification Hub) this is what I get for this:

The relevant code is the following:

As we see from the error_log entry the field values for this check are R3TR, G4BA resp. /IWNGW/NOTIFICATION. If I skip this check (or initalize sy-subrc) in the debugger everything works just fine. Well except this (which I hope has nothing to do with the previous error):

My question now is:

Did I do something wrong? If "No": what would be the idimatic way to do this (the best thing I could find was this with the role template /IWBEP/RT_MGW_USR)?

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  • Hi

    I am getting same issue. Are you able to resolve it ? If yes, kindly let me know to fix it.


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